Psy is a brand that represents, individuality, freedom of expression, collective consciousness, and most importantly, perspective.
The brand was founded by imagination and the courage to act upon it, taking a small idea and creating fun, colourful and magical t-shirts, that will blow your mind away.
Psy focus on trippy and psychedelic designs, everything from mushrooms, pharaohs and yogis, creating a wide range variety of tees to choose from.
All designs have cool names and short fantasy stories, giving our customers a unique experience they will never forget.
In the future many other designs will be added, all created by young talented artists with beautiful minds.
Psy is about sharing your perspective without the fear of judgment or criticism.
At Psy we take your ideas and opinions with great importance.
Our main focus is ensuring that all our customers are satisfied with the quality of service and products we provide.
Psy is more than a simple brand, it is a lifestyle, I have been wanting to share with all you incredible humans.
Remember, it is possible to do what you love, when you allow your creativity to run free.
Psy originated from my instagram page mysterykidx
The page is used to share beautiful art, insights and small stories. It is the solid foundation of Psy.
Join our community and become aware of the magic that exists in our planet.
Awareness is growing and spreading like wildfire, join the cause and become part of the PSY family, simply by being yourself .
Share your mind with us, share your stories, your perspective matters.
Psy was once a distant dream, and now is reality.
Dare to dream and dare to chase your dreams.
Good luck brave adventurer on the journey in to Psy.
Welcome to my mind, welcome to my world, welcome to Psy!Welcome to my mind, welcome to my world, welcome to Psy!